Blockference on Japan Blockchain Conference Yokohama

Blockference on Japan Blockchain Conference Yokohama

In the lead up to the second Japanese Blockchain Conference (JBC) in Yokohama, Blockference got the chance to sit down with David Otto, International Media Coordinator for JBC Yokohama, to chat everything from the current state of the ecosystem in Japan to what goes into organizing a conference of this size.

The inaugural Japanese Blockchain Conference took place over two days in Tokyo back in June, the event drew over 10,000 attendees from around the world. In fact, referencing the Exhibitor List from JBC Tokyo, 52% were from the Asia-Pacific region and 48% the U.S. and Europe. The event's goals were twofold: to encourage bridge-building between Japanese and international crypto and blockchain spaces, and to spread valuable data on the ever-developing industry. With the breakdown of exhibitors, that first goal can pretty safely be checked huh?

Japan has long been a powerhouse in nascent technology, and this continues in both cryptocurrency and blockchain innovation. As David explains it, Japan plays an all-important and influential role in the Asian and global markets, “Japan is very important, it’s very forward thinking.” Japan is respected by many as a leader in crypto regulation and government blockchain interest, the country has consistently upheld a progressive regulatory environment toward cryptocurrency.

“Firstly on the government side, there’s a lot of interest in it, they’re always looking to pass more regulation and there is already some legal precedent, right now there are 16 crypto exchanges that have been recognized by the Financial Services Agency of Japan,” as David describes. “Japan has always been a leader in technology, so there has been a lot of interest in blockchain related start-ups, there is also a big investors market, so that is why cryptocurrencies have such a big appeal in Japan.”

As an organizer of the Japanese Blockchain Conference, the Global Blockchain Association is supported by both the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry. The result is the JBC receiving backing by both these ministries, a huge endorsement in a sphere too often rocked by regulatory insecurity.

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In January 2019, JBC will go bigger and better, the second time around means a bigger venue, more attendees, bigger names but not quite a new city. Yokohama is set to host JBC 2019. The port-city, already a large city in and of itself, is part of the greater Tokyo area, or Capital Region (Shuto-ken). As the area is classed as both the most populous and the largest economical metropolitan area in the world, the reasons keep mounting to make it out to JBC 2019, right?

Spread over two days, the 30th and 31st of January, the event expects to draw over 25,000 attendees, making it one of the most populous events on the crypto calendar. Historically speaking, January is a month of activity in the crypto and blockchain spheres, with some of the most prominent voices in the space speaking, set 2019 off right with a gift of education.

According to David, the event offers a sumptuous spread of education and investment opportunity. With authorities such as Tim Draper and John McAfee among many, many more lined up to talk, attendees will be regaled by some of the most prominent voices in the crypto and blockchain ecosystem, those guaranteed to captivate, educate and elucidate.

In addition to illuminating talks, JBC Yokohama will be able to see their fair share of investment opportunities, “Investors will get to see a lot of projects, ICO and STO projects, both of them will have a big presence at the conference—a lot of presentations and speeches on investing and the future market for those projects.”

From those just curious about the space to institutional investors, JBC has diverse financial openings on offer, “There is a big market for retail investors but on the B2B side, we will have a lot of institutional investors who will also benefit from coming.” Alongside the conference, organizers are busy facilitating VIP tickets holders to rub shoulders with the right people, “We’re planning VIP events, our partners are also planning VIP events, where a lot of good networking connections can be made.”

For all those deciding on whether JBC Yokohama is the event to exhibit at, let JBC’s ninefold merits answer that for you, included within the benefits is extensive cross-media coverage and live-streaming of the event, dedicated business spaces and preferential treatment when you want to book in for the next event.

Hosted by Pacifico Yokohama which boasts over 6000 square meters of exhibition space will offer live translation for both Japanese and English speakers, JBC is not one to miss. Pricing is reasonable in a sphere that is too frequently financially exclusionary; attendees can pick up one-day tickets for 3,000 JPY (~$30 USD) with two-day ticket setting you back 5,000 JPY (~$50 USD). For those looking to mingle with all the right people, VIP passes that include two-day pass but access to the lounge and invitations to the After Party (30th) and Celebration Party (31st) are available for 100,000 JPY (~$900 USD). Details available here.

It’s the organizational effort that JBC and partners are putting in to ensure this is a one-of-a-kind event, “It’s finding the right people to present and to speak, we’ve had a huge amount of interest from people wanting to speak at the conference, so much so that we’ve actually had turn down some really big names,” as David explains. “We’re making sure all the speeches will be of interest, that all the exhibitors, the companies and the projects that come out onto the floor are sound, not simply that they are not scams, but they have a strong future and relevance in the community. It’s quite a bit of work.” Be sure to make it to Japan Blockchain Conference Yokohama, January 30-31, to see the payoff for all of David and the rest of the team’s hard work!

Posted by James Lawrence